Silver Creek Falls

April 24, 1994

A small turnout barely produced the two-car quorum necessary to make this hike work properly. As we headed up I-5 we all harbored a strong hunch we were destined for a wet day. This concern was heightened as we neared the environs of Silver Falls State Park. A nasty cloud cover hovered over the area. We dropped one car off at the South Falls parking lot and all six of us rode to the North Falls in one van. From there we hiked upstream to check out the North Falls and found the water volume down as a result of a relatively dry Spring. Returning to our starting point, we descended into the gorge of the river’s north fork, enjoying a series of water falls that stretch of the trail affords. Some spots of that trail were a bit mucky but not a serious impediment. We delayed lunch until we reached the point where the trail starts up the south fork. While we ate, several chipmunks put on quite a show around our feet in exchange for lunch scraps. As we ascended toward the South Falls, we met an increasing number of hikers, including a group of Mazamas. At the Lodge we found an Earth Day program in progress but we didn’t tarry. Thankful that we had experienced no rainfall after all, we retrieved our other car and started homeward around 2:15. As leader, I exercised a prerogative and drove through Silverton en route to check out my old home town. Our hiking party members were Colleen & Michael Edgerton, Helen Liguori, Bonnie Manheim, Rita Johnson (Chaplain at Sacred Heart Hospital, whose presence and prayers were credited with warding off the rain!), and leader Vernon Barkhurst.

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