Goodman Creek Trail

February 6, 1994

There is something really basic about toting a backpack loaded with gravel a quarter of a mile through the forest and then dumping your load to build up the trail. It becomes more basic when you return, load up, repeat the trip, and then do it again, again, and again. Then after lunch, you do it some more. I found myself feeling identity and empathy with those hero workers of the world who built the Inca highway and Egyptian pyramids. I just hoped that they enjoyed the special camaraderie working together and greeting each other as we would pass coming and going on the trail. It was a change from hiking a trail where you mostly see each others’ backsides. We even got to know the names, temperament and loads of the six llamas, who with their handlers, worked along with us. Especially Bill, whose nervous humming and ear twitching progressively decreased as he realized the Obsidians’ interest in him was harmless and he went from empty loads to casual partial loads of gravel as he relaxed around humans. We also learned from Trevor and Jonathan (age 9) that you can have fun with people even though working. It was hard work, but then, how often in life do you get a chance to work all day carrying dirt along with llamas as beasts of burden? Truly, the Obsidians have a lot to offer! Goodman Creek trail workers were Doris Allen, Mary Bridgeman, Ray Jensen, Herb Lee, Glenn Meares, Chuck Mitchell, Myrna Peterson, Dave Predeek, Virginia Prouty, Dean & Jonathan Schill, Velma Shirk, Chris & Trevor Steele, Clare Tucker and leader Royal Murdock. [Lowell Ranger District’s Sue Baker coordinated and directed this combined effort between Obsidians and llamas.]

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