North Sister

July 23-24, 1994

Saturday morning, the hike in to a high camp at Arrowhead Lake was uneventful. Crossing the lava fields on the Obsidian Trail, the mountain was truly imposing. That night there was a terrific thunderstorm. Lightning flashed and rain fell in buckets. John Pegg had only a bivy bag over his sleeping bag, and Doug Nelson didn’t even bring a sleeping bag: he stayed dry under a poncho! At 3:00 a.m. this hardy group set out and by daylight were high on the south ridge. The sky was clear again and the weather promisiing. James Schick belayed John Pegg across the snow traverse, which was about a rope and a half, and the climbers had no difficulty negotiating this and the chute known as “the bowling alley”. On top at 10:30, the sky was brilliant blue and the air warm. It was a special day and everyone climbed exceptionally well. Climbers were John Cooper and Mike Landes (Climb School graduates) Bob Langsridge and Douglas Nelson; John Pegg and James Schick were co-leaders.

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