Mt. Hood

May 14, 1994

Because this was going to be my first time leading a Mt. Hood climb, I was a bit anxious and downright nervous. I had already mentally pre-climbed the mountain all week long while preparing for the climb. Being that most of those who had signed up had just completed the 1994 Climb School, and there being no other experienced climbers with me didn’t help matters much. I did, however, have self-confidence as big as the mountain, and my lovely wife going along to assist me. I was ready! I had arranged for the group to assemble at the Mt. Hood climbing registration area at midnight, Friday the 13th. All who had signed up for the climb were there. Many had brand new plastic climbing boots, packs and looks of “What am I doing here?” to “Can I do this?” as well. They were ready, and so was I. “OK, let’s do it,” I confidently yelled at 0045 hours. We were on our way. Eight hours later, with three less than we started with, we sat confidently on the summit. We had over-ruled our aching muscles and moments of self-doubt to be here. It felt good and I was quite happy for the whole group that had just gone from Climb School to the summit of our state’s tallest mountain. A very strong wind on the summit made it cold enough that we enjoyed our triumph for about an hour. We headed down, ready to be back home and sharing our success with friends and families. Making it to the summit were David Goodman, Josh Ladau, Mike Landes, Richard Lemon, Steve Shaw, Milton Stemmler, Henry Turner and Jerry Crosby (climb leader).

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