Diamond Peak

May 8, 1994

This Diamond Peak climb was special for several reasons. First, it was a graduation climb for some of the participants in this year’s Climb School — Peter Asai, Josh Ladau and Richard Lemon will all be strong, safe climbers. They are already looking forward to other mountains. Second, it was for others a chance to climb after two postponements due to weather. Rich Anselmo’s annual Diamond Peak group joined with this one for a third attempt. And last was the weather. It was absolutely perfect: bright sunshine, mild temperatures, and little wind. When the weather is perfect, everything seems to fall into place. Mosquitoes, believe it or not, were almost absent at the Pioneer Gulch trailhead. The trail was melted out for the first mile, giving us a fast start up the mountain. Everyone climbed strong and everyone had a wonderful lunch and rest on the summit, taking pictures, telling tales, and identifying mountains laid out like magic on the clear horizon. Special thanks to Bill Montgomery, our president, for staying in the rear to make sure no-one got lost; Jerry Crosby, our climb chairman, for his help in organization; and John Pilafian, who at 71 years old fought off cramps to make the summit and who was an inspiration to all. Climbers were Jan & Rich Anselmo, Peter Asai, Jerry & Lynn Crosby, Mike Barkin, John Courtnege, Milissa Farmer, Kristen Kaminski, Mike Landes, Josh Ladau, Richard Lemon, Bill Montgomery, John Pilafian, Denise Sevigny and John Pegg, leader.

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