August 15, 1994

This trip was designed to stay within Lane County, traveling back roads to London, Florence and Paris. We departed over Dillard Road, then Hwy. 99 to Cottage Grove where we viewed several houses in their historic restoration neighborhoods. Then to London, located on the Coast Fork of the Willamette River near its source beyond the Cottage Grove Reservoir. This community was at one time a thriving center for mining, forestry and agriculture, boasting a race track, skating pavilion, hotel, dance hall, grist mill, a bottle works and other businesses serving the stage stop between Portland and San Francisco. From its cold spring came its most famous product — Kalapuya Laughing Water — which was peddled nationally and successfully. Sadly, almost all of this has disappeared: the community church remains active and we were privileged to tour this building. In keeping with the “London” theme, the Speck family provided English tea, fresh blackberries with Devonshire cream, and with background music of the Beatles! Then the lengthy leg down the Siuslaw River Road with a stop at the Clay Creek campground.

We lunched at the beautiful Woahink picnic area near Florence. Here we were served delicious biscotti: the music from Italian operatic arias. Then on to Paris — actually a substitute stop at the Deadwood Covered Bridge because the road to Paris (originally spelled Parris) has been washed out. But Paris is no more — nothing left, not even a signpost. But to keep the Parisian flavor we enjoyed French chocolate cookies along with the song stylings of Maurice Chevalier. We returned over the Nelson Mountain Road through a nice stand of second growth timber. Our excellent driver, Allison Gillespie, handled the twisting hairpin curves in her usual skillful, professional manner. Our group of 35 (including four non-members) had a wonderful day enjoying some off-beat activities at our points of interest, with good fun, good food, good weather and especially good fellowship.

Riders were: Rita Baxter, Helen Beck, Marian Borchardt, Mary Lee Cheadle, Harriet & Paul Civin, Clair Cooley, Bill Eaton, Bette Hack, Lillian Johnson, Rosella Jones, Virginia Kapsa, Dody Leppemann, Bea Lefevre, Marie Loome, Mary Mallery, Mary McLaughlin, John & Lenore McManigal, Perry Morrison, Marie Mull, Frances Newsom, Virginia Prouty, Liz Reanier, Bonnie Rickard, Clarence & Dorothy Scherer, Lois Schreiner, Randy Speck, Ethel Steussy, Louise Thurber, Marjorie Townes, and trip leaders Ray Jensen and Harvey & Betty Speck.

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