Peavey Arboretum/Arctic Museum

April 28, 1994

On Thursday, April 28, we traveled to Hull-Oakes Lumber Co., an old-style steam sawmill specializing in cutting long Douglas fir timbers. This mill once produced a 28" x 30" x 110-ft. long timber for the Knoxville World Faire. We were privileged to be guided through the entire mill while it was in full operation. We were close — almost too close — to whining saws and the deafening noises from various monstrous machines. We are very grateful to the management of Hull-Oakes for being such gracious hosts for providing this unique experience. Our next stop was at the McDonald-Dunn & Peavey Arboretum, managed by the Oregon State University Research Forest. Our step-on guides, Mark and Julie, traveled with us on restricted roads usually not open to public vehicles. This nature complex is most interesting and is a vital part of the College of Forestry of OSU. During our lunch time at the beautiful city park in Dallas, several people visited the nearby tannery which processes cow hides for four months using a vegetable treatment, which was very aromatic indeed! Then to the Arctic Museum in Monmouth, Dr. Paul Jensen’s work of 25 years with the Eskimo natives is preserved here at Western Oregon State College. There are outstanding exhibits of arts and crafts, displays of animals, tools, weapons for whaling, an umiak, clothing, etc. The curator, Dr. Jensen, was a delightful lecturer who loved his career and his northern people. This is an outstanding museum.

We enjoyed mild and mostly sunny weather; the farmland scenery was in its greatest glory, and all the stops were enjoyable. A very good day for Ewart & Margie Baldwin, Mary Lee Cheadle, Clair Cooley, Fran Cooley, Phyllis Earley, Bill Eaton, Ardis Ebbighausen, Margaret Fea, Jeannette Forsman, Doris George, Bette Hack, Shirley Hendrickson, Marian Hessel, Rosella Jones, Virginia Kapsa, Dee Kelley, Barbara Kiser, Helen Knowlton, Dodie Leppmann, Norman Lumian, John & Lenore McManigal, Mary McLaughlin, Cleora Mersdorf, Frances Newsom, Maude Nilsen, Jan Pattison, Alta Proctor, Virginia Ralston, Lois Schreiner, Clarence & Dorothy Scherer, Myrtle Sagan, Elva Shorack, Louise Thurber, Paula Vehrs and Christy White. Ray Jensen was trip leader.

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