Crescent Lake

December 25, 1993

Have you ever stopped to realize that holidays are only “holidays” for men and children? For the most part, women do the work that creates the festivities: shopping, corresponding, cleaning, decorating, cooking and entertaining. While a woman with a job outside the home will probably get a day off from that job, her total work load doubles or triples in order to create these festivities for her family and friends. As a maverick, I do very little of the above tasks. Instead, my idea of a good winter holiday is spending it on my skis in a beautiful location with good companions. In order to supply this option to others, I signed up to lead the ski trip at Crescent Lake. Even though it was partly cloudy there, it was such a relief to get out of the valley fog and spend some time in the sun. The snow was shallow but provided us with a good surface with no ice. With mild temperatures and no wind, it was a great pleasure to ski along the lake with a background of Cowhorn, Diamond Peak and Maiden Peak. There were Merganser ducks on the lake. Huge frost crystals on the snow reflected the sun like jewels. Because of the holiday, the only snowmobiles we saw were near the parking lot. After all the aerobic activity, we completed our December 25th celebration with a stop at Odell Lake resort for dessert and hot drinks. I want to thank our drivers, Jane Dods and Sue Goldish, for providing the transportation. My other companions were Mardi Klotz, Joshua Ladau and Helen Liguori. Leader: Anne Montgomery.

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