Cape Perpetua

December 22, 1993

It was a real treat to be able to go on a gloomy day in Eugene and find absolutely beautiful, sunny and warm weather there. The road had a few dangerous spots with ice, but we made it without any problems, and hiked to the Giant Sitka close to Cape Perpetua visitor center on cold and crunchy leaves, but it did not last long. On the way to the lookout point above Cape Perpetua we had to peel off layers of clothes as the sun was mighty. The sea was rather calm, a perfect day for watching the whales; however we did not spot any, despite keen scanning during lunch. But the whole coastline looked so very beautiful below us and it was hard to leave. The temperature was read at 62 degrees and the two young women in the group were stretched out for sunbathing. We finished the day with a short stop near Yachats to inspect a building project that promises good visits in the future. Participants were Fred & Amy Faust, Bep Fontana, Theresa Ladd, Benedikta Lilleaas, Mary Millman and Birgitte Williams (leader).

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