Sutton Creek Loop

December 19, 1993

Sutton Creek Loop was a good Winter Solstice hike. The coast weather was sunny and clear and as long as the hikers kept moving the temperature didn’t seem too cold. Lunch was planned in the sun at the Holman Vista overlook. The colors of winter were pretty in spite of frost about — even on sand in some places. Hiking the Loop in the form of a figure eight covers the area without repeating except in the center, which is an old homestead. The hikers started the walk from the Sutton Campground and headed west on the north side of the creek. Signs and some maps along the way are helpful. Not taken on this day but possible are side trips to Alder Dunes or Darlingtonia Wayside — signs are helpful for directions. Hikers were Barbara Chinn, Shivani Dass, Fred Faust, Gary Marx and leader Mary Ellen West.

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