Gold Lake

December 18, 1993

It’s hard to rationally describe this trip — because I am glad to be alive to remember! On the way up an on-coming pickup lost control on an icy corner. At first, in the paralysis of the moment, I thought it was a joke; in a nano-second, however, I found myself making some very desperate decisions. I needed to get out of his way or my name would be in the paper the next day … Luckily, no cars were approaching in the opposite lane. I cranked the wheel hard, hit the gas, and — in a controlled skid — jumped into the left lane. Luckily no other traffic was there. He, missing me by inches, slid off the road into a sign, and then ended up in the ditch. As I sat there, my hands gripping the wheel and my head spinning, Josh, aged 14, sitting horror stricken in my back seat, commented something like: “I sure would like to learn how to drive like that.” Little did he know that no one learns how to drive “like that”. One just does what has to be done, prays, and hopes that fate will be kind. “What skill,” he thought; “What luck,” I thought! My studded tires also helped. Phil, Linda and John then helped to push the truck out of the ditch. Finally, two hours after leaving Eugene, we began our trip to Gold Lake. In my shock and with the adrenaline sill flowing, I skied into Gold Lake in record time. The others kept up beautifully. It was a beautiful, sunny day and, as we reflected on all of our good fortunes (not just the fact that we had escaped tragedy), we were able to celebrate the white snow, the blue sky, and the friendship shared on all skiing trips. At Gold Lake were Joshua Ladau, Helen Liguori, John Pilafian, Phil & Linda Kidd and leader Diane Jeffcott.

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