Soap Creek Meadow

May 15-16, 1993

Initially this trip was planned for Marjorie’s Meadow (Snow Creek Meadow) at foot of Broken Top on east side. However, I called the forest service and found that Three Creek Lakes Road was not open so in agreement with people signed up for the trip, we shifted to Soap Creek Meadow. We were able to drive to the Pole Creek parking lot at about 5300 feet, and had to carry skis about a quarter of a mile down the trail before skiing. We followed the Green Lakes Trail beyond the top of the ridge for about a mile and three-quarters and then turned southwest until we met what I thought was the north branch of Soap Creek. However, it turned out to be the main branch and we went a considerable distance south looking for the main branch before turning up to the foot of the mountain. After seeing my mistake, we skied about a mile north and down to Soap Creek Meadow where we camped on a rocky ridge. Normally, this area has a number of open places for camping by late April, but there was such an abundance of snow that none of the favorable places were available. Also, Soap Creek, which is usually partially open by early May, was deeply covered with snow to one and a half miles below the source. Despite some discomfort and the necessity of using boiled snow for water, we had a beautiful trip. We returned to the car about 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. I might add that I have been going to this region on skis in May for 30 years and have never seen as much snow. “Soap Creekers” were Wolfgang Fritsch, Dick Moffitt, Bill Montgomery, and Ray Mikesell (Trip Leader).

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