Sutton Creek Loop

February 28, 1993

The trip sign-up sheet promised that this trip would test hiker’s boot waterproofing … and it did! The only hiker foolish enough to wear her boots (after removing the socks) was the trip leader. Everyone else took off their boots and rolled up their pants. We all agreed later that the swampy part of the trail had been at least 4'-0" deep; the alligators nipped at our heels; we could barely see the opposite side of the pond when we stepped in. And cold! It was cold. This is no exaggeration: The remainder of the hike was pleasant and sunny and sandy. Our sunny lunch spot allowed for a brief nap as well. On the far end of the loop we managed to get lost in the campground and walked all the campground loops in search of our trail. This gave us a chance to meet the campground host, a non-hiker, and try out the official restrooms. The signage in the campground and at the trailheads was either absent or absent-minded, and I think the pretty map on the post was upside down, but, hey! we got back onto the trail and safely back to the cars. Hikers were Judy Forell, Elizabeth Gates, Joy Gall, Sylvia Harvey, Ande Hall, Alys Riley, Cristy White and Susan Baker (leader).

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