Gold Lake

February 7, 1993

The trip that wasn’t! Seven of us arrived at Gold Lake SnoPark about 10:00 a.m. My plan to have skiers wait in the warming but while the shuttle was being set up was foiled: the cabin was closed. So people got to devise their own “keep-warm” activities while Gene and I hurried down to Salt Creek Campground to drop my car. Upon arrival we discovered the railroad people had been especially busy recently. They had scraped the last four miles of this road down to bare pavement and left the surrounding area looking like World War III. Plan B: Five frozen skiers and two warm drivers trying to decide what other trip would be skiable on icy-crusty concrete-like snow. None really appealed so the Thaxton car of four people left for the new coffee shop in Oakridge. (I hope they enjoyed!!) The Hackett car of three including Montgomery and Miller headed for the road to Blair Lake. Forced to pack low, we walked about a mile before we found continuous snow. We skied 3-4 miles on sometimes soft but oft times icy hard snow before getting enough fresh air and exercise. Trying to maintain a manageable speed (this was not easy) we all arrived back at the point where we took off our skis and walked back to the cars. Skiers were Bea Fontana, Sam Miller, Chuck Mitchell, Bill Montgomery, Gene Thaxton, Clare Tucker and Jane Hackett (leader).

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