Waldport Yachats

February 6, 1993

We left Eugene in a fairly heavy fog. Near the Hwy. 126 tunnel the fog lifted and the weather was ideal for the remainder of the day. Winds were moderate (we had difficulty deciding on the prevailing direction!) and the temperature was perfect for walking. The high tide precluded beginning our walk at the cement wall adjacent to Waldport’s southern edge. About one-eighth of a mile south of the wall a road leads into a small grouping of houses and a 40-yard path to the beach. We car shuttled, having left a car in Yachats in the Adobe Inn’s parking lot. We had just begun our walk when a woman ran up to us. “I thought you might be an Obsidian group,” exclaimed Midge Lovering of Ashland. Midge then requested that she and her companion join us. At the end of the walk we were able to sign their Qualifying Trip records! The beach and the walk were great. To avoid a run-off, some of us elected to return to Hwy. 101 for a short distance. At Big Creek we all walked the Hwy. 101 bridge. About half-way along the route we saw a dead sea lion. Approximately three-quarters of a mile north of the Adobe Inn we left the beach and walked the recently constructed path which offers views of wave-catching rocks. Trip participants were nonmembers Henry & Nancy Dizney, Elizabeth Gates, Myrna Peterson, Midge Lovering and Bob Eiffert, and Obsidians Ben Elkus and Ben Jeffries (leader).

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