Santiam Pass

January 30, 1993

The day was pleasantly warm, and we found that the tracks were already set. What more could we ask for? By 11:30 all nine of us were having lunch within the confines of a shelter named Island Junction. Two and a half hours later we were enjoying dessert under the North Blowout Shelter roof which was heavily laden with a good six feet of snow. The last third of the ski trek presented us with many zippy downhill challenges, and a few of us (leader included) were seen energetically brushing off snowdust. I only confess this because Dave (a professional photographer) was along — and he recorded everything! Also, great credit must go to Marissa, a teenage visitor from Montana, who never stopped smiling — although by chance we later discovered that, mid-trip, she had developed a bad blister on her heel. Stalwart skiers one and all were Bill Lewis, Marissa Porte, Alice, Dick & Rose Marie Moffitt, Paul Newman, David Stone, Andy Thompson and Bob Devine, leader.

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