Proxy Falls

January 12, 1993

What a dilemma! There was so much snow we couldn’t decide whether to stay in town or head up to the mountains. First we went to the Mount Pisgah Arboretum. To our surprise, we found very little snow there. Two members of our group decided to return to the deep snow in Eugene and ski at Laurelwood Golf Course. The rest of us set off for adventure. Concerned about driving all the way to Benson SnoPark at Hoodoo to make our planned North Loop, Circle Lake, South Loop trip, we decided instead to drive to White Branch Youth Camp and ski up the old McKenzie Highway to Proxy Falls. We found that snow had not fallen east of Springfield; the roads were completely clear all the way to Blue River. Even the old McKenzie Highway was no problems; it had been plowed and sanded all the way to White Branch. The snow was perfect. The sky was blue. We skied gently uphill the two miles or so to the Proxy Falls trail. The views of North and Middle Sister were stellar. When we got to the Upper Falls, where we had lunch with a view, we were impressed by the quantity of water falling amidst the snow, running into a tiny pool, and disappearing into the earth. But the best was yet to come. The Lower Falls was almost entirely frozen: a magical crystal palace. With that vision in our minds, we returned to the highway and had a lovely downhill run back to the car. Skiers were Obsidians Norman Benton, John Pilafian, Joyce Owen, (leader) and non-member Anne Hartheimer.

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