Hoodoo, North Loop

January 3, 1993

There was a slight modification to this North Loop trip due to too much snow! That is hard to believe, but upon reaching the junction that would take us to Circle Lake and all points beyond, we decided that breaking trail for five miles through two feet of unbroken snow was not part of the plan. So on to North Blowout Shelter for a snack and then onto the Twin Buttes Trail. The snow conditions were great, and the weather gradually fell apart as the day progressed, with increasing wind and blowing snow. As we approached the junction with the South Loop Trail, a small splinter group composed of Sam, Bill and James climbed to the top of one of these buttes, looking for adventure and challenge. They found all the above when Sam’s binding broke on one of his skis! With that, the job became one of just getting off the butte and back to the cars. As the main group watched from the trail the three skied, slogged and post-holed their way down. Getting back to the cars wasn’t too hard, since Sam could keep the ski on and shuffle along on the trail. With a stop at what used to be the Rustic Skillet on the way home, Kristen Kaminski, Glenn Meares, Sam Miller, Chuck Mitchell, Bill Montgomery, James Shick, Chris Shuraleff, Claire Tucker and leader Jane Hackett rounded off a great day in the snow.

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