Mary’s Peak

October 23, 1993

Our trip started by taking the back roads to Philomath. West out of Philomath we continued on Hwy. 34 for four-plus miles to the Woods Creek Road. The trailhead for hiking up the north side of Mary’s Peak is at the end of this road. The hike up was warm and pleasant, making many think they had over-dressed! But true to the unpredictability of Oregon’s weather, we walked into clouds that contained cold wind and moisture. Since we were unable to see 20 feet in front of ourselves, we backtracked and ate lunch under the trees. The clouds were only at the top so the return trip again was very pleasant. The only wildlife reported was a pheasant and a couple of emus (in a pen off of Woods Creek Road). This was Ellie & Ed Meservey’s first hike as Obsidian members — congratulations! Other hikers were Doris Allen, Fred Foust, Jeanne Hall, Dick Hildreth, Cynthia Kuest, Chuck Mitchell, Royal Murdock, Jean Skinner, Arun Toke, Clare Tucker, Birgitte Williams, Margee Wright and Sylvia Harvey (leader).

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