Waldo Lake Trail

October 10, 1993

This hike is an outgrowth of two other hikes done by the leader in previous years. One hike was to Waldo Lake and back to the Cupit Mary trailhead of the Koch Mountain Trail #3576, and the other to Lillian (Lithia) Falls on the Black Creek Trail #3551. This new hike, requiring a fairly long car shuttle, begins at the top of Cupit Mary Mountain, down to and south along the Waldo Lake Trail (#3590) to the intersection with the Black Creek Trail and then down another 1,000 feet to the west trailhead. The last 3.8 miles from the lake is quite rocky with several small creek crossings and the proper footwear is sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support. The leader, who wore improper footwear, attests to the importance of this! This hike enables anyone who wishes to investigate the abandoned (fortunately!) waterworks/tunnel project on the west shore of Waldo to do so. If completed, this irrigation project would have changed and lowered Waldo Lake to a much smaller body of water than it now is. Come, join us next year on another sunny day’s hike through the Waldo Wilderness. Hikers were Bob Boettcher, Dick Hildreth, Vi Johnson, Kristen Kaminski, Helen Liguori, Royal Murdock, Virginia Prouty, Gene Thaxton, Velma Shirk and trip leader Joe Lowry.

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