Tenmile Creek, Winchester Bay

September 18, 1993

We left for the coast despite the weatherman’s dire prediction of drizzle and 15- to 20-knot winds. It was reinforced by showers and cloud cover as we started. Then, just about at the elk viewing stations, the skies started to clear and by the time we were at the trailhead at Elk Creek campground, there were just skies of blue! The four of us (Dick Hildreth, Gary Marx, Myrna Peterson and leader Royal Murdock) went in one vehicle and so couldn’t shuttle back to Winchester Bay. So we hiked across the dunes, staying high on the ridges and carefully looking back for landmarks (tanks and the abrupt edge of a clear cut on the ridge above). We broke out onto the beach and were greeted by a gentle breeze. We headed south for about two miles to where the mouth of Tenmile Creek was guarded by thousands of gulls and at least two harbor seals. After lunch the warm, caressing sand and sun seduced the lot of us into a siesta. Then we were entertained by watching the seals, gulls, and Dick swimming in the creek. The march back was so gentle a couple of us let our bare toes do the walking through the sand.

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