Rock Mesa

September 12, 1993

This annual trek to “the other side” requires an early departure to accomplish the goal in a day trip, but to those who have journeyed here over several years, wonderful memories of the special pumice/obsidian place at the base of South Sister remain. The day was bright and sunny as we left the parking lot (overflowing with cars) at Devil’s Lake Trailhead. The trail climbs gradually through forest from 5400' to 6200' at Wickiup Plain, which is bordered on the northeast by Rock Mesa and LeConte Crater (6680') jutting out of the Plain. Several of the group opted to climb the crater and walk the trail around the rim, giving closer proximity to South Sister’s southwest side; others continued on the trail to the P.C.T. junction and along the Rock Mesa wall. While we encountered two horse groups (one very large — 12 people, 12 horses), two small backpacker groups (two persons per group), three day hikers and three hunters on the trail, the wide open Plain, the wonder of Rock Mesa and the vast expanse of lava and pumice on South Sister’s southwest side provided a true wilderness experience. Hikers were non-member Jim Fritz and Obsidians Judy Forell, Maxine Hall, Charlotte Mills, Mary Ellen West and leader Vi Johnson.

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