Midnight Lake

September 9, 1993

In telling about our trip to Midnight Lake, it sounds really trite to say that we had a very congenial group and a good time was had by all. But that was the truth of the matter. There were other factors that made this an especially pleasant day. Our hike was on one of those hot days, but the temperature had moderated a bit and we were all grateful for that. In spite of construction on Hwy. 58, we were able to park within a block of the trailhead with no delay. Our walking speed was pretty well matched with the exception of Leon, so he went ahead and located each trail junction so that no one was ever very far ahead or behind. Conversation flowed easily as we went along. After lunch we walked around the lake, but with some difficulty because the trail wasn’t well defined (it was non-existent!). That was about as much adventure as we had. It was a comfortable day in all ways. Our congenial group consisted of two members — Helen Liguori and myself (Lois Morse, leader). Joining us were Dianne Bohr, Evelyn Cowan, Leon Dannen and Lucile Peterson.

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