Collier Glacier View

August 28-29, 1993

We had a lot of fun in a beautiful place. On our way in we skipped lightly through a couple of miles of lava and on to South Matthieu Lake. We passed a few other hikers, but not many. Our camp site was at Minnie Scott Spring, a lovely spot. The wind came up about 10 p.m. and rattled our tents all night long. The leader regretted the “slap-dash” method by which she had erected her tent; she therefore got out of the tent in the middle of the night to tighten things up and was instantly felled by the wind-chill factor! Next morning, a late rising, coffee, etc., and two of our party set off to Collier Glacier View. The views, as expected, were stupendous. After a leisurely morning, we returned via North Matthieu Lake and a long, painful trek on tired feet through the lava beds. Campers were Barb Elsen, Wayne Ford and leader Susan Baker.

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