Lakeview Mountain

August 21, 1993

Seven Eager hikers left Eugene for a visit to the Diamond Peak Wilderness, unsure of the weather or the number of mosquitoes they would find there. But the bugs were isolated and the sunshine bright, warming some of us to the point of taking dips in Fawn and Crescent Lakes. The group’s original plan was to cross-country up Lakeview Mountain from Stag Lake and while the furthest the participants got was a ridge just below the summit, all seemed satisfied. Maybe this satisfaction was due to the nice sunny day after those amazing thunderstorms just days before. And while the Grateful Dead turned up the volume that Saturday in Eugene, we were watching a bald eagle flying over Stag Lake calling out to us not to trespass on his domain. Lakeview Mountain, with its rugged 7,000 ft. summit, looks over Stag Lake and is quite impressive when seen from the lake. For those who climb to the summit, numerous small lakes can be seen from that vantage point down below. Diamond Lake dominates the view to the west while Odell can be seen to the north. Below, forests of Lodgepole pine mixed with fir are plentiful. But the trail to Lakeview Mountain passes many huge Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir which adds to the variety. Many kinds of wildflowers and shrubs are seen around the lakes and high on the mountain, and while Mother Nature has blessed us with this wonderful area, we must note that the season for viewing is usually from August ’til the snow flies because of the insects. Winter skiing is the exception. The group split up when we returned to our cars and one car headed for Crescent Lake for a beautiful view of the water with Cowhorn Mountain as a backdrop. I couldn’t resist a quick swim at Simax beach, which is located on the north shore, a spot I remember as a kid. I recommend this pumice beach and the lake water for washing off the trail dust and invigorating sore hiking muscles. The group of hikers included Myrna Peterson, Dick Hildreth, Mari Baldwin, Rose Malone, Virginia Prouty, Jim Fritz and Kevin Clark, leader.

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