Mt. Ray & South Waldo Trails

August 14, 1993

A most delightful group if ever there was one. Hank pointed out to us a tree frog, a clump of Indian pipes, and several different mushrooms. By the claw marks, a black bear preceded us only recently. Two “Bingham trees” were identified, Willi dates 1904 and 1908. One “Archie Knowles” tree with no date on it was possibly 1905. One hunter’s camp tree with the dates 1916 and 1917; and one “Judge Waldo” tree with a positive date of July 27, 1889. The weather was perfect, we saw not one other person on the trails, and we lost only two members (we thought) to quicksand. Not to worry! We knew they would bubble up and rejoin us. They did. And now 11 more hikers know how Mt. Fuji got its name. How could a leader ask for more? In Waldo Country were Hank Alley, Elizabeth Gates, Janet Hall, Corinne Hunt, Teresa Ladd, Helen Liguori, Alison Major, Rose Malone, Myrna Peterson, Marianne Ryder, Margee Wright and Bob Cox (leader).

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