Clear Lake

July 31, 1993

Last-minute additions brought our group to a nice manageable dozen as we headed for Clear Lake on a delightful Saturday morning. As expected, the lake was swathed in a resort atmosphere with boaters galore. Most of the boaters were going through the motions of fishing but were not catching anything. We hiked counter clockwise around the lake and met many groups moving in the opposite direction. Indeed, by the time we had completed the circuit we encountered a couple of groups on their second lap. One such group alerted us to the presence of a yellow jacket nest in the ground beside the trail which we would be passing soon. The warning helped us spot the danger and we passed it carefully. By the time the last member of our group came abreast of it, however, the bees had taken all the jarring footsteps they could stand … and the result was one stung hiker. An interesting little wild flower we found in considerable profusion stumped our combined efforts to make an identification. I have since hit the books and believe it to be Little Pipsissewa. We reached the Great Spring for lunch about 15 minutes past the noon hour. Then, refreshed, we completed our hike by 2:00 p.m. A well deserved rest stop and patronage of the Clear Lake Resort Cafe prepared us for the trip back to Eugene. Sharing this outing were Norman Benton, Tim Cook, Lois Hembree, Teresa Ladd, Norma Lockyear, Rose Malone, Ann Patrick, Sarah Sherwood, Kathleen & Paul Vitale, Doreen Waggoner, and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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