Olallie Mountain

July 31, 1993

A congenial group of hikers left Eugene under sunny skies at SMDT (Standard Musician Departure Time, or 10:30 a.m.) for the Olallie Trail. The novel idea was to actually combine a good night’s sleep with outdoor recreation (hint, hint!). Anyway, the hike could not have been better. Weather was beautiful, bugs verged on respectful, views atop Olallie Mountain were outstanding and nobody died. From Mt. Hood to Mt. Thielsen, all of our favorite mountains were in razorsharp focus. Half the party stayed on the summit for two hours, the other half left for Eugene after 40 minutes. Enjoying the hike were Obsidians Michael Cooper (leader), Barb Elsen, Mardi Klotz, Chuck Mitchell and Marc Bell Tucker and nonmembers Linda Bourdeau, Jim Fritz, Art Rosine, Marsha King-Rosine, and Richard Schram. On a personal note, this was the leader’s first Obsidian hike in two years after a long recovery from a serious knee injury. It’s great to be back hiking with the group!

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