Iron Mountain/Cone Peak

July 25, 1993

The sun didn’t shine, but at least the rain didn't pour! The book says that there are over 300 varieties of wild flowers on Iron Mtn. and Cone Peak. I think 288 varieties were doing their best to impress us. We were ALL impressed! ALL meaning all 23 of us! I believe we spread out on the trail for over a mile. But everyone got to go at their own pace. Even the clouds cooperated by softening the clearcuts on the northwest side of Iron Mountain. My thanks to non-members Van McKay, Janet Toedtemeier, Kathleen & Paul Vitale, Carol Waddell, Denny Chamberlain, Ginger May, Elizabeth Gates, Vicki Levine, Lucile Peterson, Ken Stevenson and Marsha King; and to Obsidians Margee & Meg Wright; Gary Marx, Bonnie Manheim, Elizabeth Gates, Marriner Orum, Don Orton, Clare Tucker, Chuck Mitchell, and Betsy Anderson. Sharon Ritchie, leader.

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