Canyon Creek Meadows

July 22, 1993

Nine hardy souls set out at 8:00 on a drizzly morning for Canyon Creek Meadows. Our two cars were delayed by construction on the McKenzie Hwy. We arrived at the trailhead, Jack Lake, at 11:00, after seeing several deer along the road, and a fleeting glimpse of sunshine. The trail was in good shape to the lower meadow, where lupine and Indian paintbrush were just beginning to bloom. Canyon Creek was well supplied with water, as were its many tributaries. It started raining lightly, and we continued to the woods between the lower and upper meadows, where we stopped for lunch in the shelter of a large “conference tree”. As the rain increased, we proceeded across snow fields to the upper meadow, and climbed a steep snow field to the ice-filled cirque, which was covered by a layer of old snow. We enjoyed the spectacular view of the snow fields extending up the sides of the glacial valley. But Three Fingered Jack was hidden in the clouds. On the way back we followed roaring Canyon Creek to the waterfalls. We passed fields of red and blue huckleberry bushes, tempting us to return in August, after winter has loosened its icy grip! After reaching Jack Lake and the trailhead, our soggy group drove to the head of Jack Creek, where we walked the short nature trail around the lush springs. The area was dotted with twin flower and prince’s pine. After a brief stop at McKenzie Bridge to refuel, we returned to Eugene. The congenial hikers, wonderful good sports all, were non-members Elliot Aronin, Sarah Sherwood, Kathleen Vitale (who just moved to Eugene a few days ago!), Sandy Weinfeld and Dahlia (a visitor who doesn't use a last name), and Obsidians Gary Marx, Hal Owen, Margee Wright and leader Joyce Owen.

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