Crescent Mountain

July 10, 1993

A clear day in the cloudy month of July made this hike a real treat. Trail work just completed has turned this 4-mile, 2200-ft. ascent into a combination of steep stretches, switch backs and some level, breath-catching stretches. After warming up on the first 1.2-mile segment to Maude Creek, we began to ascend, separating out the fast walkers from the preferred slow pacers and the “strugglers”. At 2.8 miles, the forest opened into a beautiful alpine meadow filled with a large variety of wild flowers. Beargrass is especially bountiful this year. Looking back over our shoulders, we could clearly see Mt. Washington and the Three Sisters. From the top of Crescent Mountain, we had a panoramic view, unimpeded by any clouds, which included the Iron Mt. area, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington, the Three Sisters, and Diamond Peak. Crescent Lake lay below. On our return trip we took advantage of the feet-refreshing waters of Maude Creek. Hikers were Susan Baker, Margaret Bayless, Leon Dannen, Rebecca & Marc Hansen, Sylvia Harvey, Irv Housinger, Helen Liguori, R. Schram, Sarah Sherwood, Brad Wechner and trip leader Sandy Moore.

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