Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge

July 9-12, 1993

Eighteen Obsidians and one non-member met at the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge on July 9 for four days of fun in the wide, open spaces of Eastern Oregon under clear skies. The days were clear and warm and the nights cold, but all the group seemed to enjoy every minute of the four-day trip. Kevin Clark had a shoe problem, Sig Otto had a problem with a dive bombing bird, and the van load of people had a hard time finding the right garbage dump in the large city of Plush, but other than that everything went great! We had group meals and felt this is a good way to bring a large group together as well as keeping the costs down. This will be done again on the next trip into that part of the State. Thanks go to the Hermachs for going a couple of days early to hold a good camp for the group, and to Joe Lowry for doing more than his share with the meals. In the Refuge were Kevin Clark, Geo. & Ruth Hermach, Diane & Geo. Jeffcott, Vi Johnson, Nancy Leonard, Joe Lowry, Betty Macy, Loise McCance, Ray Mikesell, Mary Millman, Charlotte Mills, Anne Montgomery, Aaron Novick, Sig Otto, Grace Swanson and co-leaders Jane Hackett and Bob Dark.

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