Little Cowhorn Mountain

June 26, 1993

The trip began under cloudy skies in the S.E.H.S. parking lot. By the time we reached Unity the sun was out. After one hour in the car we reached the trailhead on F.S. Road 1817 in the Lowell Ranger District. The day was cool and the summit (4243') was reached after a 45-minute hike. The lookout sported a new roof and paint job but previous visitors had vandalized the inside of the building. Mike and Bill took in the grand view through binoculars and otherwise enjoyed the sunny day. We cleared up some litter and headed for the bottom after a stay of 30 minutes. Mountains in view included Jefferson to the north all the way to Diamond Peak to the south. There will be snow on them all summer from the look of things. All in all, a very nice trip with pleasant companions over a good trail. Mike Clemens, Bill Hemphill and Joyce Mitchell (leader).

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