Father’s Day Bike Ride

June 20, 1993

This traditional outing was another big winner for 15 happy Obsidians and friends. We followed pretty much the same route as other years: out the Amazon Bike Path, past the Fair Grounds, over the Chambers Street bridge on to River Road and the river front bike path, Owosso bridge, Cal Young Road, through North Eugene, the Garden Walk bike path to the Knickerbocker bridge and Franklin Boulevard. To keep things a bit challenging, most of the group joined the leader by riding up Birch, the steeper route over Judkins Point, through Hendricks Park, down to Spring Boulevard and on to the Obsidian Lodge. I had received strict orders from Donna Eimstad to be at the Lodge by 10:30 if we expected to get breakfast! This we easily accomplished with the early 7:30 starting time, which also enabled us to avoid a lot of traffic. The Father’s Day Breakfast was excellent … the strawberries were better than ever! Father’s Day riders were David Becker, Bob Devine, Shirley Froyd, Glenn Meares, Joan Procter, Dons Allen, Corinne Hunt, Norma Lockyear, Dick, Alice and RoseMarie Moffitt, Opal McClelland and son Jeff, Liz Igl and Marriner Orum (leader).

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