Tidbits Mountain

June 17, 1993

Seven hikers set out at 0810 under cloudy skies. We arrived at the trailhead at 1000 with the summit obscured by fog. There was no rain, but the trailside bushes painted us with water. There were acres of rhodendra, some white, some pink, and many two-tone red. We also saw Indian paintbrush, lupine, phlox, trilia, columbine, wild rose, daisies, pentstemon, blue bell, spring beauty, and others. There were several lovely natural rock gardens with lots of moss and a variety of flowers. We reached the summit at 1200, which was clear. We could not see far for the clouds, but enjoyed lovely scenes nearby. We were back at the cars at 1400, meeting only three other hikers enjoying the flowers. A hummingbird zipped by and we saw tracks of elk or big deer. After the traditional pie stop, we were back in Eugene at 1630. Enjoying the outing were Andra Heath, Bill & Mary Ann Holser, Helen Liguori, Andy McIver, Lucille Peterson and Joel McClure, leader.

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