McKenzie River Trail

June 12, 1993

This trip shaped up nicely from the outset. Two well balanced car loads of hikers departed the S.E.H.S. parking lot on schedule under a sunny sky. Our objective was a six-mile section of the McKenzie River Trail lying below the Carmen-Smith Reservoir. So, the drivers dropped their passengers at the foot bridge and stashed one of the cars at the reservoir, before returning to the trailhead. Despite the sunshine, it took a half-hour of hiking to get warmed up as the trail is shadowed through much of its course. By lunch time we found a spot which provided both shade and sun to suit individual preferences. The river is visible most of the way and we saw a number of rafting and kayaking groups drifting by as we hiked up stream. We also met other hikers and a couple of trail bikers. A wrist watch I found along the way proved to be the property of Bonnie Manheim, a member of our group who had ranged ahead of the main party. On that happy note, our group emerged on top of the dam about 2:45, which enabled us to be back in Eugene by 4:30. The “most congenial lot” on this outing included Rob Becker, Helen Liguori, Leslie Murphy, Bonnie Manheim, Gary Marx, Paula Vehrs, Christy White, Eleanor Wilkerson and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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