Chucksney Mountain

June 5, 1993

We all had a light breakfast at the Loggers Inn at Walterville, then drove to the trailhead at Box Canyon, 26 miles down Aufderheide Drive. We hit the trail in a light rain (what else is new?) at 10:45 a.m. With a wide range of hiking talents, we were soon spread out, with 45 minutes between the “jackrabbits” and the “sweep”. However, we all congregated at the summit of Chucksney Mountain (5760 ft.) at 1:00 for lunch, where we enjoyed fabulous views of the insides of many clouds! We then crossed the ridge on a southward course, encountering many snow fields — our biggest problem was finding the trail at the other end of the snow — but we did so in every case. We arrived back at the trailhead at 5:00 pm, having completed the 11-mile loop (2000-ft. elevation gain) in the predictable six hours (±). With many “rookie” hikers, we did a fine job, and everyone was thoroughly delighted with the effort. We finished off the day with pizza at Timber Jim’s in Oakridge. The group included yours truly, Buzz Blumm (trip leader) and Obsidians Sharon Ritchie, Marty Hathaway, Ben Elkus and Jolm Pilafian. Non-Obsidians included Richard Schram and Bob Eiffert. There was also a sizeable contingent from Eugene Sign & Awning Co. (some of them rookies) — Bill & Pam Vohn, Kelly Hale, Leslie Sullivan, Vern Wright, brothers Ben & Marty Macauley, and Marty’s friend, Yeesend Chan.

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