Cascade Head

May 22, 1993

Our destination was Cascade Head, just north of Lincoln City. This promontory sports a mix of huge spruce forest, with streams and ferns at lower elevations, to broad expanses of meadows high above the sea with a rainbow of wildflower color. The dual ownership of this acreage by the Nature Conservancy and the U.S.F.S. guarantees a future of preservation of this headland. Knowing this made the beautiful view at 1,200 feet above the ocean with its 100 miles of coastline under blue skies even more satisfying. Our group of five Obsidians positioned themselves as best they could in a small Honda and left town under cloudy skies on May 22. One would have guessed this was a group coming together after years of separation, as it was hard to get a word in edgewise! Who would have thought someone could have drowned out Teresa Ladd, but Elizabeth Gates took honors for “Gift of Gab”, and before we knew it we were over the Coast Range and into sunny skies over the Pacific. The two stewards of this headland manage the land which is open for study and enjoyment to visitors. While we could not see the many singing birds through the dense, lush foliage of the forest, we did manage to sneak a few salmon berries along the trail. And above the forest fields of foxgloves, paintbrushes and dozens of other wild flowers danced in the warm breeze. It was all too much for Ben Elkus and he snoozed on the summit only to find out later that he had been voted driver for the balance of the trip! Some trips might have ended after the hike, but the consensus of the group was to continue down the coast to Florence before returning to town via Route F. Lincoln City, Yaquina Head, Newport, Seal Rock and Cape Foulweather were but some of the points visited along our beautiful coast and we celebrated our good fortune at having such a great day with a big pot of clam chowder at Mo’s before departing the marine scene. Thanks must be extended to Ben for driving much of the way, and to Teresa for having only one cup of coffee at Mo’s thereby saving us an extra stop as we headed toward Eugene once more. This trip to Cascade Head will long be remembered by Myrna Peterson, Teresa Ladd, Elizabeth Gates, Ben Elkus, and leader Kevin Clark. (If you are interested in a visit to Cascade Head and would like more information on a trip to this spectacular area, feel free to contact me at 484-5654.)

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