Fall Creek Area

May 9, 1993

Despite depressing mid-week reports of foul weather to come, Mother’s Day turned out sunny and cool. Our gathering place was Lowell Park, and our destination was deep inside the Fall Creek Recreation Area, 20 miles up the road. Thanks to the bountiful rains of winter, as the ride progressed we became hemmed in more and more by unusually verdant and extra lush vegetation. Also, the abnormally fast flow of Fall Creek was producing deeper, more reverberate sounds than are usually heard. A snack break at Johnny Creek Wayside tempted three Moms to slip away with the intention of exploring a trail that turned out to be more lie a labyrinth. Fortunately, these three lost souls did finally discover the way back before the Wicked Witch discovered them! Our lunch spot was secluded, with a water smoothed crag providing us with ringside seats for the Fall Creek Water Show was going on just a few feet below. In short, the general ambiance of it all was well worth the 2,000 calorie diet we racked up getting here. Enjoying the day, the ride and the camaraderie were Doris Allen, Gayle Berge, Mary Bremner, Diana Cantwell, Liz Igl, Rose Marie Moffitt, Royal Murdock, John Pilafian and Bob Devine (Leader).

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