Middle Fork Willamette

May 8, 1993

Nine hikers started at Paddy’s under rain and spitting snow showers. But we weren’t worried because we had our trusty weatherman with us … promising a beautiful day (and it was — puffy white clouds and a touch of coolness with warmth from the sun: perfect for hiking). Most of the snow had melted out. This trail is beautiful with a spattering of everything, from the rushing river, lush and mossy areas, wildlife (elk, deer), huge trees, etc. The beginning of the trip had many fallen trees (I stopped counting after nine!). Next came a few precarious stream crossings on logs. The Forest Service is still working on the upper part of this trail as it is relatively new. The next stretch had great bridges and wooden platforms over swampy areas — a splendid job by the Forest Service! This approximately 10-mile hike included Ben Elkus, Marc Hansen, Anne Montgomery, Myrna Peterson, Virginia Prouty, non-members and fellow Oakridgians Karen & Eric Schermerhorn. The leaders, Jan & Rich Anselmo, wish to express our “thanks” to the participants for being so vocal at the end of the trip about how much they enjoyed themselves. This make trip leading well worth it!!

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