Finley Wildlife Refuge

May 8, 1993

Because of the heavy spring rain, Muddy Creek Trail was flooded and so was the trail along the levy. Our first stop was at the historic Fechter House and the new information display nearby. From here we walked to the H.Q. building and were delighted to find the Ranger was there. She invited us in and gave us information about the trails and some maps. (The office is not usually open at weekends.) Our lunch stop was under the big oak tree along the Woodpecker Loop. We enjoyed watching frogs in the pond, a hawk flying around and all the lush greenery and flowers. We left the Refuge by the west entrance and drove to the southern end and parked our car along Brice Road. Here we made a 3-mile hike up to the quarry and Pigeon Butte. It was a warm, clear day and we had a grand view of the surrounding country. Before leaving we stopped at McFadden Marsh and saw many birds including red winged blackbirds and swallows. A stop at Junction City ended a pleasant day for Joy Gall, Elizabeth Gates, Ray Jensen, Sig Otto and Dot Leland (leader).

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