Silver Creek Falls

April 24, 1993

As we set out for Silver Creek Falls there was little doubt that we would be dumped on by a brooding sky. The only question was a mater of degree. After all, we were nearing the end of a month in which rainfall records were being toppled almost daily. But there is an advantage to being in that frame of mind — one is prepared for the worst. After dropping one of our cars at the South Falls, we started near the vicinity of North Falls and warmed up by hiking upstream a quarter of a mile to the Upper North Falls. Then, we reversed our course and set out downstream on the north fork of Silver Creek. A tremendous volume of water made each of the falls a thundering cataract and the resulting spray made raingear very appropriate even though we didn’t experience any rainfall until we paused for lunch. I say “paused” because there really wasn’t a dry place to sit. Some even stood under an overhanging rock outcropping. The “good trail” I had promised was good ’n wet! In many places it was also good ’n muddy! Surprisingly, however, there were many other hiking groups on the trail. In addition to the major falls on the two forks of Silver Creek, seasonal tributaries created side attractions along the way. Consequently, we all felt quite satiated with scenic attractions by the time we arrived at the lodge near South Falls. While refreshments and a much needed rest stop engaged the members of the hiking party, the second car was retrieved and we were homeward bound by about 3:15 p.m. Those who braved the elements to see the Silver Creek Falls on this occasion were Norm Benton, Elizabeth Gates, David Greenland, Corrine Hunt, Don Harrold, Ruth Manly, John Pilafian, Christy White and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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