Cape Perpetua

April 17, 1993

The threat of rain thinned out our signed-up roster from seven to four: two non-members (Michael Dorris and Elizabeth Gates), Bep Fontana and leader Birgitte Williams. We were greeted at the Coast with fair weather and a spectacular tempestuous surf. The latter proved so fascinating that by unanimous agreement we decided to forego the scheduled Gwynn Creek Loop and instead stay close to the Cape. We first did a leisurely traverse of the nature trail along Cape Creek enhanced with informed commentary by botanist Michael. Then lunched up at the Cape Observation Point. We had to take shelter from the fierce wind up there! The rest of the day was spent enjoying the crashing surf of the Devil’s Churn and along the tide pools, with an eye out for sneaker waves. On our return to Eugene we were surprised to learn that it had rained all day there.

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