North Umpqua Waterfalls

April 10, 1993

The accurate forecast was for intermittent showers as we began our third annual Waterfall Hike. We drove south on I-5, taking the Northbank Road at Wilbur for our favorite drive through “rural America”. The contrast between the brilliant sun, neon yellow-green fields, masses of wild flowers, rapidly moving fluffy white clouds with sudden dark cloud cover and downpours was a visual delight. After meeting at Colliding Rivers Wayside at Glide for colliding river viewing and scones, we were on our way again. Our trip included hiking to four waterfalls located at intervals off Hwy. 38 — the North Umpqua Highway. This year we hiked to Susan Creek, Fall Creek, Tokatee, and Watson Falls. The force of the waterfalls and the stream which we followed was greater than ever and exciting. We saw Trillium, Yellow Wood Violets, little low growing blue flowers (what are they?), and Fawn Lilies. At the Watson Falls parking lot, which was at the 2500-ft. level, it was snowing! Some of the trails had been improved recently so all were in quite good condition. Our group included John Pilafian, two very appreciative first-time Obsidian hikers (Ann Hawkins and Phil Sieinen) and leaders Corinne Hunt and Mary Jane Battin. This was a wonderful day with frequently wet and happy people.

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