Mary’s Peak

April 4, 1993

On Wednesday it rained hard in Eugene and the Willamette Valley. Thursday, Friday and Saturday it rained as well. Sunday, the weather proved to be no different … except for half the day, beautiful sunshine, blue skies, and a refreshing cool, crisp air swept away the wet stuff to allow nine hikers to take a nice jaunt to Mary’s Peak. Betsy Anderson, Carol Faulkner, Marc Hansen, Gary Marx, Jamie Kiley (leader), Kyle Merman and Tim Verkler left the S.E.H.S. parking lot at 8:20 a.m. towards the mountains just west of Corvallis. In Philomath, we met up with Mary Holbert and, by 10:00, we arrived at the trailhead located 7.5 miles up Woods Creek Road. The group proved to be in excellent shape as we climbed the long switchbacks through the beautiful old-growth hemlock, Douglas-fir and noble fir stands on the slopes of the mountain. Three hours, 2,300 elevation feet and 5.5. miles later, we reached the summit of Mary’s Peak (4,097 ft.). Kyle and Karen left the rest of the group just before the summit in order for Kyle to make it back to Eugene in time for work. The remainder of the group relaxed at the top for 20 minutes before the wind chill became too much of a nuisance and then headed down the mountain — this time by a different, more direct route of 4.2 miles, to the very same trailhead. At 3:30 p.m., we packed into the cars and drove back to Eugene, arriving just in time for another rain storm. Amidst the forest, a few obstacles blocking the trail, and the 15 seconds of hail at the summit, the group had a great time and a great workout, and all look forward to seeing one another on other Obsidian adventures.

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