Mt. McLoughlin

September 11-12, 1993

We left Eugene at 3:00, stopped for dinner, and were on the trailhead making camp at 7:30 just as it got dark. The stars were incredibly bright and the night surprisingly cold after a day-time temperature of 102 in Medford. The morning chill and wind made starting the climb in shorts an act of courage and faith. The exercise provided the warmth and the vistas the inspiration. I was surprised at how neat it is to climb a mountain the second time. Like the joy of reading again a well-loved book. There’s so much you miss. Enjoying this with the leader, Royal Murdock, was Mike Landes, a prospective new member. The conditions were ideal. The ridge protected us from the wind and we scrambled to the top in just over three hours. After lunch and beginning to feel the chill of the wind, we slid down the inviting scree slope. The cross-country back to the trail was surprisingly long, long enough that I was relieved to again see the blue spray paint some vandals had used to mark the trail. Mike treated for the ice cream at Rice Hill. I accepted as my reward for leading my first climb.

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