South Sister

August 21, 1993

Met at Devil’s Lake trailhead at 8:00 a.m. Briefed the group and began hiking in a thin overcast (the peak was clear, however). We climbed about 1300-ft. to the plateau above Moraine Lake, then onward to the base of the mountain. As we continued up the mountain, we encountered a slight momentary drizzle, then the sun came out for the rest of the day — beautiful, clear weather with unlimited visibility: even Mt. Shasta was in sight far to the south. With steady “climbing” we made the peak at 2:30, where it was quite windy, with an occasional cloud forming right at the peak, but spectacular nevertheless! We basked in the sun in one of the open “shelters” just below the peak until 4:00, then headed down the mountain, reaching the parking area at 7:20. By Oregon standards, it was a crowded day on South Sister — perhaps 125 other climbers! A long, but wonderful and exhilarating day by Cecile Blumm, Trevor Burton, Kelly Hale, Kurt Hutchins, Aline McLurie, David Selby, Robert Shaw, Karen Sjoiund, Jean Stover, Leslie Sullivan and Buzz Blumm (leader).

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