Mt. Thielsen

July 26, 1993

Anyone who has seen Mt. Thielsen from the road knows it is a very impressive mountain. Its threatening pinnacle silhouetted against the sky has long been known as “the lightning rod of the Cascades”. But this group of strong climbers had the fortune to find the summit one of the best places in Oregon that day. Some fog and clouds provided good photographs on the way up, but the mountain smiled on our group with clear skies and sunshine. No-one had any trouble climbing the final rock spire with the aid of prussiks and a fixed rope. For most of the group, this was their first ascent of this Oregon classic, and we spent over an hour on the summit enjoying the company and good weather. Climbers were Mike Barkhuff, Tim Hargreaves, Andy & Maura McIvor, Tom McQuirk, James Schick, Larry & Judy Smith, Chris Steele, Tim Verkler and John Pegg (leader).

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