North Sister

July 10-11, 1993

A large group of 11 enthusiastic climbers started from Obsidian Trailhead on July 10, a beautiful sunny day. We quickly hit snow a half-mile before the lava flow. We gave up on locating the trail on the other side of the flow and bushwhacked into Arrowhead Lake, which lay covered by a 3-foot blanket of snow. Filtering water was more strenuous than we had anticipated. The climb began at 3:00 a.m. under a luminous half-moon. After crossing Collier Glacier we were met by a stiff wind on the ridge above. The traverse proved time consuming with our group but we persevered to the chute, only to find it full of rime ice. The vote was split on whether to continue, but we were already up against our time margin and decided to turn back. It was a valiant effort and worth another attempt. Climbers were Amy, Jason & Tom Donnelly (leader), Jess Hedrick, Chris, Gail & Scott Jordan, John Pegg, James Schick, and Judy & Larry Smith.

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