Mt. Hood

June 17, 1993

“Leave early, return early” and so we did. Six of us bulldozed our way to the summit of Mt. Hood in less than six hours. Leaving the parking lot at 0050, we passed the Silcox Hut in an hour and reached the top of the Palmer lift in 2 hrs. 10 min. Despite what seemed like a steeper-than-normal slope, perhaps because of the abundant snow, we reached the Hogsback just before sunrise. As Jamie’s head lamp dimmed to the size of a lit cigarette, we roped up and headed for the summit. At 0640 we were on top enjoying sunshine, brisk winds and cool temperatures. We decided to eat our lunch (I would have preferred pancakes) out of the wind, so we headed back down to the Hogsback. Going through the Pearly Gates with its icy glaze provided its usual thrill. As we sat eating, we were suddenly surrounded by dozens of climbers with another 100 or so coming up from below. We quickly hiked to the south side of Crater Rock and shoved off with a glassade that sent us off wailing to within 20 minutes of Timberline. This was the first climb for Bill Reiswig, the second for Jamie Kiley, Skip & Gayle Stokes, Jan’s seventh and my eighth. Leaders: Jan & Rich Anselmo.

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